Our People

Our Founders

Kelvin Seetoh

Co-Founder & Managing Director, 10x Capital

Kelvin Seetoh is a self-taught full-time investor with a broad knowledge of listed companies across Asia-Pacific and the United States. At the young age of 24, he has grown his portfolio to over half a million. Since then, he has gone to create his second million dollar portfolio called The Hedgehog Portfolio. Aside from being featured on multi-platforms, hundreds of people from various countries were trained by him and many success stories were created.

Prior to that, he was an analyst for a licensed fund that outperformed the stock market benchmarks. Known for his ability to break down complex investing concepts, Kelvin has a list of over 5,000 blog subscribers consisting of entrepreneurs, senior managers, fund managers, and retail investors. Some of his connections include top performing investors globally and CEOs of listed companies.

He started 10x Capital to turn the ordinary working class into full time investors. His favourite activities include hikings and good music. He is investing most of his money into the e-commerce industry.

Jonathan Ang

Co-Founder & Chief of Marketing, 10x Capital

Jonathan started dabbling into value investing at 17 years old when he came across the story of how Warren Buffett compounded his wealth.

Gradually, he built upon the principles he learned from Warren Buffett and decided to focus on the niche of growth investing. Over a few years, as his framework became better, he started sharing the growth investing strategy with people around him.

He finds deep satisfaction when he sees students acquiring the skill of making money which gives them the freedom of choice to work not just for money, but work because they want to.

Coming from an engineering background, Jonathan loves to deep dive into technology and his interest is to learn about new trends which includes data analytics, cyber security, 3D printing and the EV industry.

In 2018, Jonathan founded 10x Capital and Growth Investing Mastery (GIM) along with Kelvin Seetoh to share investing knowledge and grow a community of passionate community of like-minded individuals.

Investment Team

Kelvin Soh

Senior Analyst

Kelvin has been curious about the inner workings of business at a young age which led him to pursue a diploma in Business Administration. This burning curiosity led him to join the network marketing industry even before graduation. 

Being in sales for the last decade has taught him that productivity, sustainability and accountability are key important criterias for any sales team or business venture to take off. 

Kelvin has developed a passion for investing after reading Warren Buffett’s biography. Key characteristics such as rationality, courage to act in uncertainty and accountability over Buffett’s career which span more than half a century have ignited a passion for investing that burns more fiercely year after year.

He enjoys learning about new business models and innovative technologies that make life more meaningful for Humanity led by purposeful founder operators who have a vision beyond accumulation of material wealth.

As a full-time investor, Kelvin now mainly invests in high growth businesses with a focus on software companies generating predictable and recurring subscription revenues which are mission critical and entrenched within the modern enterprise workflow. This has enabled him to generate a compounded annual return of more than 30% over the last 5 years.

Herbert Su

Senior Analyst

Since young, Herbert has been fascinated by the potential of science and technology in creating solutions to make the world a better place. However, there is only so much one can do alone. He was fortunate to be introduced to investing in 2012, as it served as a pathway for him to realize his childhood dream.

Prior to joining 10x Capital, Herbert works as a Research Scientist in various research companies. He developed a passion for understanding technology and its potential application in solving problems for society.

Herbert seeks to realize his childhood dream by investing in wonderful companies led by purpose driven leaders. He enjoys reading about innovative technologies, business models and the people driving it. He is investing most of his money in companies utilizing convergence of exponential technologies to solve problems of Humanity.

Bjorn Ng

Junior Analyst

Since his university days, Bjorn has been passionate about personal finance and investing. He started off his journey by reading local forums and blogs, and subsequently investing in Singapore companies.

Over the years, he has expanded his investments to include Asia-Pacific & United States companies. He enjoys sharing the importance of personal finance and investing, and has conducted sharing sessions to spread awareness. His investment returns are currently above 20% consistently. 

Bjorn graduated with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honors) from Nanyang Technological University. Prior to 10x Capital, he worked as a regional sales engineer in the oil and gas industry. Bjorn joined the Growth Investing Mastery (GIM) community as a member in 2019.

Over time, he achieved great results in his portfolio. Convinced by the mission of 10x Capital Pte Ltd, Bjorn decided to leave his stable sales job to join 10x Capital, where he can pursue his passion in investing & support like-minded individuals on their financial freedom journey.

Bjorn invests mainly in innovative companies with a focus on solving today’s problems for a better future. In his free time, Bjorn’s favourite activities include playing the guitar, meeting new friends and exploring Singapore for good food.

Marketing & Media Team

Jeanette Tan

Marketing Executive

Coming Soon

Syamil Shah

Video Marketer

Syamil (more commonly known as Sya) graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.

After realising his passion for mental health and therapy, he decided to switch his academic path and is currently pursuing a BSc in Psychology at SUSS. 

Over the course of 4 years, he has freelanced as a Jr. Grip, Camera Assistant and Wedding Videographer before joining 10x Capital.

Now, he dedicates his skills and experience to creating content on YouTube to achieve the mission of “Putting One Investor into Every Household” in hopes of bettering the lives of others.


Marketing Executive

Coming Soon

Admin & Finance Team

Alexander Kok

Head of Admin & Finance
(HR Matters-In-Charge)

Alexander is Head, Admin and Finance at 10x Capital, key aspects include managing the Administrative, HR, Finance and Corporate Affairs for the company.

He graduated with a BA (Hons) Interior Design from University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art. And his experience comes from working with his family business prior to joining 10x Capital.

His mission in the company is to provide a seamless experience for our customers and provide the best possible administrative support, whether it be behind the scenes or within the community.

During his free time, Alexander enjoys his hobbies of Plant Collecting, Gardening, Scuba Diving and Bird Photography.

Melissa Wong

Customer Support & Admin Executive

Melissa helps customers with live support by phone, chat, or email and is responsible for administrative activities.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Merit) from National University of Singapore with experience in Education and Customer Support. 

She joined 10x Capital to be part of the personal connection that enriches the experience of customers with growth investing to become financially savvy. 

Her favourite activities include reading and spending time with her family. She invests mostly into the technology industry.