Our Difference

With over 800 dedicated investors in our exclusive community, we are the LARGEST growth investing community in Singapore. 

Our community contains a wide diversity of investors, ranging from enterprising youths to high net-worth individuals from different industries across continents, all aligned with the goal of growing their wealth. 

Being driven to learn new concepts, open to contribute to research, and committed to their investing goals, our members work together to become finer growth investors, and work towards achieving higher portfolio gains each passing year.

Guiding them along their investment journey is our team of full-time investors who each have more than 5 years of investing experience, generating more than 25% annual returns in their respective portfolios.

As educators of growth investing, our students’ growth is our top priority. From the start, we committed to building a nurturing culture within our community, where everyone is highly encouraged to ask questions, no matter how small they may be. We firmly believe that open sharings would enable everybody to learn from both our team and other experienced investors within our community, accelerating their investment journey.

With that said, we do not hesitate to remove members who display behaviours that are inconsistent with our culture. We make sure that everyone in our community feels safe, and that they are able to grow as investors.

In your journey with us, you can expect zero hype or fluff in our curriculum. As we continuously accumulate our experience of investing in the stock market, we constantly refine our content over time to ensure that you get the most up to date information and learning resources, for you to achieve the best investment returns possible.

With continuously increasing work expectations, we also understand that you will definitely be busy, and may not have a lot of time to dedicate to learning investing. You’re in good hands though — we have optimised our classes to cater to the busy layman. With our bite sized structured, yet concise online classes, you can learn investing – even when you’re on the go. More time saved means more time to do the things you love, like spending time with your family or catching up on much needed sleep. In addition, all classes will be recorded for your convenience, for you to rewatch whenever you need. 

Joining our community, you can also look forward to learning about growth investing without having to set excessive time for it. You will be pooling research together with other members, helping you to save time instead of figuring things out yourself.

For our students that have done well and achieved a multi-bagger return of at least 100%, they will be invited to join our Multi-Bagger Club. This is to recognize those who have the patience, courage and conviction to hold onto their stocks, even in difficult times. As of 2021, we have close to 100 people who are in this club!

At GIM, we deliver results and we care. It’s the home for investors who want to be better.