About Us


The Full-Time Investor is a growth investing community with its very own support team of dedicated, Full-Time Investors. It is also the largest growth investing community in Singapore, with close to 800 investors. 

Our team consistently ensures that they are able to identify companies on the forefront of innovation across all sectors, and even speak to and visit international CEOs for research. 

In addition, our community pools their research and expertise on different sectors such as E-commerce, Biotechnology, and Information Technology, so that we are always aware of the newest information on the ground. 

Together, we ensure that we will only invest in the best, high growth companies in the world.


Our mission is to create the largest community of full-time investors through investing education and an empowering culture.

We aim to put at least one investor in every household across the world, so that people will be able to live the life that they desire.